Since Gloria Ruane and Anne Jones represented Ireland at the World Ladies Snooker Championship in Middlesbrough Town Hall in the UK in 1976, a total of 66 females have represented their country with pride over the past 47 years.

30 females have 1 international Cap with 11 females who have 2 Caps, 2 players have 3 Caps and 2 players have 4 Caps to date.

4 players have 5 Caps and they are Emirjeta Doda, Michelle French, Megan Randle and Carrie Randle

2 players have 6 Caps and they are Joanna Ward and Jennifer Earle

3 players have 7 Caps and they are Greta Browne (RIP), Jean O’Brien (nee McGregor) and Stephanie Foley

2 players have 8 Caps and they are Paula Judge and Valerie Maloney

Players gaining 10 Caps receive a Bronze Pin Cap Award and 15 Caps gained the Silver Pin Cap Award and 20 or more Caps receive the Gold Pin Cap Award

Sandra  Bryan who is currently on 12 Caps has received the Bronze Cap Award while Tina Keogh and Christine Carr are currently on 14 Caps and have also received the Bronze Cap Award

Paula Nagal (nee Darby) has gained both the Bronze and Silver Awards

Margaret Browne is currently on 18 Caps and Cathy Dunne is on 19 Caps and have received the Bronze and Silver Cap Awards

In the top 4 spots are Ann McMahon who has got 22 Caps for Ireland and has gained all three pins, just ahead of Ann in 3rd spot is Annette Newman on 24 Caps for Ireland and has received Bronze, Silver and Gold pins

Second place is Margaret O’Driscoll on 40 Caps for Ireland and has received all three pins, Bronze, Silver and Gold Cap Pin Awards and in first place is Julie Kelly on 42 Caps for Ireland and gained all three Cap Pin Awards

Congratulations to all of our members both past and present who have represented their Country with pride over the years.  We at RILSA are very proud of all your participation