Annette Newman ends 2021 as the current World Women’s Billiards number 2 ranked player.  This is the highest World ranking for any Irish female player to date.  Annette hopes to keep on top of the World Women’s Billiards rankings as we continue the World Tour in 2022.

Margaret O’Driscoll reached number 10 on the World Snooker Rankings back in the early 1990’s followed by Julie Kelly who made it into the top 8 at 7th spot in the 1990’s

Annette’s dedication to cue sports and especially Billiards since its inception back in 2015, with the help and support of Aidan Murray, has seen her catapult to the number 1 player in Ireland in 2016 and has continued to keep her number 1 spot for the past 6 seasons in a row.  Her domination on home soil has made her a household name in female billiards not just in Ireland but also on the World stage.

Our female Billiard players have all played a vital part in the revival of female billiards over the past few years and it continues to grow here and in the UK with Phillip Welham who is very active in his promotions and support of female cue sports.

Other Irish players who have made a top 8 ranking on the World Tour are Stephanie Foley number 3, Joanna Ward number 4, Christine Carr 5th and Valerie Maloney 6th.  We are also delighted to see the girls from the UK and Australia on the Tour with Anna Lynch (Australia) number 1 and current World Champion.  Rochy Woods (England) 7th and Harriet Haynes (England) completing the top 8 at 8th spot.

Congratulations to Annette on her achievement and indeed all our players who make up the World Rankings.  We are very proud of their achievements and wish them well as they continue the tour in 2022.

As we head into 2022, we are very optimistic that the number of female players will continue to grow and we get other countries involved in the sport.

Thanks to the Board of World Billiards Limited in supporting our female promotions and in particular Chris Coumbe, Phillip Welham and Brittany Chambers for all their help and support for female billiards.

Thanks to all the ladies on tour and we wish each of them and their families along with everyone involved a very happy New Year and we look forward to meeting up in 2022