Annette Newman from Carlow retained her National Billiards League Title recently making it three in a row as she continues to dominate the National Ladies Billiards Amateur Tour, an amazing achievement for her

The League was run over a 10 weeks at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge

Week 1 saw Annette Newman from Carlow take the win against Jackie Trulock from Dublin in their match 130-114 in these timed matches.  Valerie Maloney from Laois pipped Christine Carr from Kildare on the alarm 157-141 to take the win.  Joanna Ward from Kildare had a comfortable win over newcomer Savannah Keane from Dublin to finish on the alarm 206-35 and Stephanie Foley from Carlow had a good win over newcomer Delia Keane from Dublin on the alarm 157-92

Week 2 saw Annette up her scoring against Valerie to take the win on the alarm 187-135 and Jackie had a good win over Savannah on the alarm 101-46.  Christine would take the win against Delia who improved her scoring from the previous week to just pip her by 4 points on the alarm 153-149.  Stephanie had a good win over Joanna finishing 130-106 on the alarm

Week 3 saw Annette continue her winning form against Delia on the clock 171-101.  Christine would see off a challenge from Jackie as the minutes clocked down but Christine finished strong for the win 150-114.  Stephanie scored well against the youngster Savannah to finish on the alarm and take the win 152-44, while Joanna just pipped Valerie on the alarm 105-94 for the win

Week 4 would see Stephanie continue her winning streak against Valerie and finish strong with only 10 minutes remaining 148-94.  Delia took the win against her daughter Savannah in their match on the alarm 115-52 with Savannah slowly making progress on her scores each week.  Annette had to keep ahead of Christine all the way to the alarm and finished with a few small breaks with minutes to go to take the win 159-137.  Jackie got her first win of the league against Joanna and just pipped her on the alarm by 3 points 108-105

Week 5 saw Joanna back to winning form against Delia this time finishing on the alarm 165-104. Christine had a match on her hands as Savannah kept it close for the most part but Christine had to score well towards the end to take the win on the alarm 147-75.  Valerie was back in form against Jackie and took the win on the alarm 141-110.  Annette had to dig deep against Stephanie to continue her winning streak and did so to finish on the alarm 137-127 in a close match

Week 6 saw Joanna take the win against Christine in their match on the clock 155-120 and Annette scored well against Savannah to take the win on the alarm 222-39 to keep her winning streak alive and  with only one match to go.  Delia played well against Valerie to finish their match with the win on the alarm 141-119 and Stephanie was back to take the win against Jackie on the alarm 144-75

Week 7 saw Delia score well again in her match with Jackie and took the win on the alarm 171-88, Valerie won her match against Savannah on the alarm 112-54.  Annette saw off Joanna in their match to take the win on the alarm 180-109 and keep a clean sheet throughout the league.  Stephanie finished strong against Christine to take the win on the alarm 175-121

With the results all in it would be Annette who would retain her National Billiards League title and well deserved as she played solid billiards throughout the League.  Well done to Stephanie who finished runner up and congrats to Christine in 3rd spot and Joanna in 4th place.  Thanks to all the ladies for their support and participation throughout the weeks of the League and thanks to Bernie, Paul and staff of Sharkx for all their help and support.