Annette Newman from Carlow remains Ireland’s number 1 Amateur female Billiards player for the eight season in a  row and in doing so extends her record, an amazing achievement for the Carlow woman

Annette took the Number 1 spot back in 2016 in the inaugural season for female billiards here in Ireland after a flawless season winning all the ranking events along with the Championship, she would go on to repeat this in 2017 and in 2018 Annette won 4 out of the 5 events keeping her number 1 spot for the 3rd year in a row

Annette would continue her dominance on tour in 2019 winning all 6 ranking events along with the Championship and 100 up, another flawless season for her.  In 2020 she continued her winning streak on the ranking tour with a full house once more along with the Championship.  2021 would see Annette have another flawless season winning all events on the calendar

2022 she would win 5 out of the 6 events and complete the season winning the Championship, League and 100 Up.  the 2023 season would see her dominate once more as she won 5 out of the 6 events and take the Championship for the 9th season in a row and the League 3 in a row.

Annette had to keep ahead of her opponents on tour all these seasons as the standard increased year in and year out, she practiced when she could in order to try to keep in front and her dedication certainly has paid off.  Out of 60 events to date Annette has won 55 of these and in the other 5 events she was runner up in 4 and a semi finalist in 1.

Her record will be very difficult to beat and deserves her number 1 place as she commences the 2024 season having won the Championship and League which puts her ahead in the provisional rankings for the new season

Also for the record Christine Carr from Kildare has remained Irish number 2 for the past 8 seasons creating and extending her record on tour

Congratulations to Annette on her success and achievement in Female Amateur Billiards over the past 9 years and well done to Christine who has remained in contention holding number 2 over the same period. Thanks to all the ladies who have participated and supported female Billiards and we look forward to another successful season in 2024