Stephanie Foley from Carlow regained her number 1 spot at the end of the 2023 season on the National Intermediate Billiards Tour

Stephanie had a good season tour finishing 400 points ahead of Jennifer Earle who was chasing her all season.  Stephanie maintained a top 4 place on the National Intermediate Billiards Tour since it began back in 2018 with a 3rd place followed by a 4th spot in 2019 and held 4th in 2020, however as she improved her scoring in the 2021 season Stephanie finished number 1 and was to drop to second in 2022 when Tina Keogh took the number 1 spot but Stephanie came back strong in 2023 to regain the number 1 spot

Valerie Maloney is ahead of Stephanie as far as number 1 rankings are concerned having took number 1 in 2018 and would hold number 1 for threes seasons in a row.  Valerie has maintained number 3 place on the rankings for the past three seasons.

As we head into the new season and with the National Intermediate Billiards Championship commencing the provisional rankings for 2024 we see Stephanie hold number 1 while newcomers on tour sees Delia Keane at number 2 and Savannah Keane in 4th place with Jennifer Earle in 3rd spot.  The tour will see more players such as Veronica Hallahan and Jackie Trulock in 2024 all out gunning for top spots and we wish everyone the very best of luck

Congratulations to Stephanie on her performance on tour and she deserves her place as number 1 for the second time, thanks to all our players on tour for their participation and support and we look forward to the new season in 2024