As restrictions are lifted, the Republic of Ireland Ladies Billiards Tour will get back to competition in March 2022.  Both Amateur and Intermediate tours will get underway at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge the home of Women’s Billiards here in Ireland since its inception in 2015.

Annette Newman from Carlow who has dominated the National Amateur Billiards Tour will be looking to keep her record intact.  The 7 times National Champion is looking forward to the season and in particular the European Open in the UK in May followed by the World Championship in August that will be held here in Ireland for the first time.

Annette remains the number 1 ranked player and will start the season as such.  Christine Carr from Kildare has been very close on Annette’s heels over the past 7 years having held the number 2 spot since 2016, yet another great achievement for her.  However Christine will start the new season number 3 as Joanna Ward from Kildare has set about to stamp her presence on the tour starting this season as number 2.  Joanna who won her first National Billiards title with the 100 Up Championship in 2020, is certainly going to try make progress during 2022.

On the Intermediate Tour, Valerie Maloney from Laois who has won the National Intermediate Championship title in 2019 and the first player to retain the title in 2020, starts the Intermediate ranking tour number 3 having been number 1 for 2018,2019 and 2020.  Stephanie Foley from Carlow has improved greatly on the Intermediate tour and finished 2021 number 1 and she is hoping to keep her  number 1 spot by the end of this season.

Tina Keogh from Offaly has been somewhat the dark horse on the National Intermediate Billiards tour over the past few years, winning a number of events and finally won her first National Intermediate Billiards Championship title in 2021 making her start the new season provisional number 1.

Jennifer Earle from Dublin is also making progress but due to exams this year, she will be out of competition until mid season but we look forward to seeing her back along with all the players on both tours during the new season.