The Republic of Ireland Ladies Billiards Association held another Coaching Workshop Recently with World Billiards Coach Aidan Murray on hand to give advice and demonstrate a number of practice routines at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge

Aidan began the session with arranging various practices at 20 minute intervals where the players had to concentrate on a number of routines taking note of their results and therefore trying to improve their scoring as they practice in the future.

We welcome Jackie Trulock and Veronica Hallahan to the Billiards and we hope they enjoy it and we hope to see them join the Ladies Billiards Tour soon.  Aidan gave a brief run down on billiards to our newcomers and a few half ball practices which they enjoyed and show great promise after a few hours of play

Thanks to Aidan on for his time and great energy in developing female billiards we really appreciate all he does.  Thanks to all the girls for their attendance and focus in improving their billiards going forward