The first Billiards Refereeing Seminar at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge was conducted by Brendan Devlin of the Referees Association.

This was the first of it’s kind and in attendance were, Dan Carroll, Annette Newman, Dave Earle, Joanna Ward, Joe Lyons, Stephanie Foley, Tina Keogh, Valerie Maloney and Jennifer Earle.  These will become official Grade 3 Billiards Referees in the coming weeks once they have completed another seminar

RILSA is delighted to have many of it’s members complete seminars and therefore enhance the organisation going forward whereby they have referees to call on for future events during the very busy calendar for 2023.

A big thank you to Brendan Devlin on an excellent seminar and thanks to everyone in attendance.  Thanks as always to Bernie, Paul and staff of Sharkx for all their support.

We look forward to the next seminar on Tuesday 11th April