Snooker Billiards Ireland held an evening with 9 times World Billiards Champion, David Causier at their Academy Carlow.

The evening was a great success and everyone in attendance were witness to a fantastic display of billiards from David who gave great advice and interacted with the crowd.  Many billiard players both men and women were given the chance to play the World Champion.  David made a 477 break along with a number of 200 plus breaks on the evening with incredible speed and makes it look so easy, such a great talent

Aonghus McAnally was on hand to give a very comprehensive talk through many of the shots that David played.

Our players, Annette Newman, Jennifer Earle and Christine Carr were delighted for the opportunity to play David and chat with him about the game and will take away great advice from the evening.

RILSA was delighted to be invited and we thank Dylan Rees the Chairman of SBI and everyone involved for the opportunity and a great evenings entertainment at their Academy Carlow

Photos tell the story