Christine Carr from Kildare won the 3rd National Billiards Ranking event of the season, the Griffith Masters in a closely contested bout recently at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge

This round robin timed event was closely contested on the evening with the overall scoring down on previous events as the players struggled with the conditions in a warm arena

Session 1 of the evening saw Annette Newman from Carlow take her first win against Veronica Hallahan 56-26 on the alarm.  Christine Carr from Kildare saw off Joanna Ward from Kildare 64-46 in a close match until the final minutes with Christine making a few small scores to get over the line on the alarm

In session 2 Christine continued her form against Jackie Trulock from Dublin taking the win on the clock 58-33 and Joanna got her first win in a very close match against Veronica 49-40 on the alarm

Session 3 saw Annette play well against Joanna and took the win 62-28 on the clock, Jackie just pipped Veronica on the alarm by 2 points 40-38 in their match

In session 4 Annette struggled to get form against Jackie who kept it close for the most part however Annette made a few small scores in the final minutes to get the win 45-30, Christine had to dig deep to keep Veronica at bay but managed to get in a number of small breaks towards the final minutes to take the win 51-37

The final session saw Christine take the win against Annette in a close match 52-45 on the alarm and Joanna just got over the line on the alarm by 2 points against Jackie 47-45

With the points tallied it would be Christine who would take the win 225 to Annette’s 208 in second place, 3rd place was Joanna followed by Jackie in 4th spot

Congratulations to Christine on her win and well done to Annette on her runner up place.  Thanks to all the ladies who participated and thanks to Bernie, Paul and staff of Sharkx for all their support