Fergal O’Brien held another coaching workshop at the RILSA academy Sharkx Newbridge recently.

Fergal went around the tables giving some demonstration’s on the grip and focused on striking the cue ball.  He explained that striking the cue ball too hard would have adverse effects on many shots and reminded those in attendance to try not strike the cue ball too hard in practice and competition from here on.  The knowledge imparted by Fergal in his demonstration was very professional and the information was easily understood by all in attendance.

We are delighted to have Fergal on our team, his expertise will be very beneficial to our players as they develop their skills over the months ahead.

The session finished with a black ball shootout among the ladies in attendance, it was great fun with commentary from Fergal making it a resounding success.

Fergal will be back with another coaching workshop on Tuesday 16th January 2024

All the ladies in attendance on the evening were delighted with another successful coaching workshop by Fergal.

Dan Carroll thanked Fergal for his help and support of female cue sports and we look forward to seeing Fergal again soon.