Louise Maher from Kilkenny retained her National RILPA Pool Championship title at Sharkx Newbridge recently.  A great achievement for her

The Championship was played in a round robin format over 5 sessions with each match 4 frames

Session 1

Carrie Randle from Wicklow got off to a great start with a 4 nil defeat of Veronica Hallahan from Dublin.  Megan Randle from Wicklow also started well with a 4 nil defeat of Jackie Trulock from Dublin and Louise Maher from Kilkenny also won all 4 frames against Christine Carr from Kildare to keep it close going into session 2

Session 2

Carrie continued her form with a 3-1 win over Christine and Megan would score the same against Veronica 3-1 in their match.  Louise continued with a 4-0 win over Jackie to go top of the group after session 2, however with 3 more sessions to go anything could happen

Session 3

Carrie would draw with twin sister Megan in their match 2-2, Louise continued her winning form against Christine with a 3-1 win and Christine got her first win in the competition with a 4-0 finish in their match

Session 4

Carrie and Louise would draw at 2-2 in their match and Megan also had a draw against Christine 2-2, Veronica got her first win against Jackie finishing with a 3-1

It would all come down to the final session to see who would go through to the final and with Carrie taking a 3-1 win over Jackie and Megan with a good 3-1 over Louise would see Carrie, Megan and Louise finish on 14 points each the last match between Christine and Veronica was a draw 2-2

A draw was made between Carrie, Megan and Louise with Louise going into the final and Carrie and Megan had to play off to see who would meet Louise.  It would be Carrie who took the win 2-1 for a final place

In the final it went to 1-1 and it all came down to the last and final game with Louise taking it and retain her title

Congratulations to Louise on her win and well done to Carrie on a fine performance.  Thanks to all the girls for their support and thanks to Bernie, Paul and staff of Sharkx for their help and support towards female cue sports