Fergal O’Brien was on hand to deliver a fantastic show of his skills in a Exhibition held at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge recently

The evening was full of fun and laughs along with the master cue man himself Fergal, showing such great skill and cue ball control during the evenings entertainment

Fergal showed his skills in Billiards when took on Annette our National Billiards Champion for 20 minutes

It was an absolute pleasure having Fergal at the Academy where he now feels at home, for he has visited the Academy many times delivering coaching workshops to our Organisation members.

Fergal is now an integral part of the Coaching team at RILSA and is committed to continuing his great work in this area in the future.

We thank Fergal for a fantastic evenings entertainment and thank everyone who came along on the evening

Thanks to Dave Earle who officiated throughout the evening and did a fantastic job indeed.  Thanks to Bernie, Paul and staff of Sharkx for providing the space for our Academy and showing fantastic support towards female cue sports in particular

The following photos tell the story of a great evening