As part of our development in female cue sports, the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association are always looking to introduce more females into cue sports.

The opportunity arises a number of times each year with visiting students from abroad that are linked to our member schools and colleges in Ireland.  We have had students from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Austria just to mention a few who have visited Sharkx Newbridge over the years and are made very welcome by the management and staff.

On a recent visit of students from Spain and Portugal who are part of the new bell school student programme linked to our member school, Newbridge Educate Together, those visiting were excited to see at first hand the first academy in the World dedicated to female players.

They mostly play pool in their countries but a few have played snooker which is now developing in Spain and Portugal.

Peter their organiser was very happy with their visit and will return in the near future as he and the students complemented the facility at Sharkx Newbridge saying it was the best they have seen.

Dan Carroll gave a brief outline on the club and its development for female cue sports and that RILSA were leading the way in both snooker and billiards.  While the Kildare Pool Association are also part of the clubs overall promotions, Sharkx is a one stop for everyone who plays cue sports in many disciplines and all are welcome to visit and try out their skills no matter what your level is.