The 3rd outing of our National Billiards League got underway at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge recently.  The League this year sees three newcomers to the League and four new players on tour. We are delighted to see Women’s Billiards grow here in Ireland and as part of our Development plan we envisage this to continue with a number of new initiatives in place

We welcome Jackie Trulock, Delia Keane, Savannah Keane and Veronica Hallahan to the tour and League.  We also welcome our current tour players to the 3rd outing of the Billiards League, Annette Newman, Valerie Maloney, Christine Carr, Stephanie Foley and Joanna Ward

This league will be run over an eight to nine weeks and each match will be timed to 90 minutes every Tuesday of the League fixture.

We wish all our players the very best of luck and a most enjoyable League