Fergal O’Brien conducted a very successful coaching workshop at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge recently.

Those in attendance were delighted with the professional delivery of the coaching that Fergal gave.

Fergal began with explaining the importance of a straight delivery of the cue and demonstrated how to practice it along with demonstrations on strength of shots and practice routines.  The importance of positive self practice in order to develop skills and instil confidence in our players going forward in their game.

Goal setting and safety play was next on the agenda with excellent explanation from Fergal

Fergal gave a talk on the mind game and the importance of focusing on the moment and what the player should be thinking when at the table.

The ladies attending thanked Fergal for all his support and that they will certainly take great comfort from a very positive coaching session and apply the information and advice given by Fergal in their future practice sessions at the Academy.

The Board of RILSA wish to thank Fergal for all his help and we welcome him on the coaching team.  We are looking forward to the next coaching workshop in the near future.