Tina Keogh and Stephanie Foley, Board members of the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association completed the Safeguarding 2 Course with Carlow Sports Partnership recently.

The course was conducted via Zoom and presented by Carlow Sports Partnership with Instructor Ken Kavanagh delivering the three hour course.

The course outlined the importance of good practice in delivering safe coaching to children and vulnerable adults.  Tina will now step in as the RILSA Child Protection Officer while Stephanie will go forward to complete Safeguarding 3 and will on completion of the course take up the position of RILSA Designated Liaison Person who will oversee all future courses and policies regarding Safeguarding within the Association

The RILSA Guidelines regarding safeguarding are published on our website under Rules Heading at the top of the front page on our site.  Scroll down to RILSA Guidelines for all the information on safeguarding.

All those in attendance were delighted with the content and delivery of the course by Ken Kavanagh on behalf of Carlow Sports Partnership.