Professional Snooker Player Fergal O’Brien was on hand to deliver his coaching workshop at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge recently and in the process helped commence the 2023 RILSA Horizon Scholarship for 4 players who applied to take the year long course and practice at the Academy.

Fergal delivered an excellent workshop concentrating on striking the cue ball in the centre and doing so consistently in practice.  Fergal demonstrated where to strike the cue ball with the same pace at different points which showed those in attendance how the cue ball travels at striking those points with the same pace.

Many hours of practice is required to achieve this skill and Fergal encouraged everyone to take time out and practice a number of routines he set out and to take note of each routine and try and improve on the goals set over time.

Fergal’s knowledge of the sport and expert demonstrations were first class and everyone in attendance were delighted with the session.  We thank Fergal for all his help and support.  Taking time out to encourage our players to enjoy and improve their standard, is very much appreciated.

We thank Paul, Bernie and staff of Sharkx for supporting the Scholarship and again this is so very much appreciated by all at RILSA.

Jennifer Earle, Joanna Ward, Christine Carr and Grushenka Arnold have now commenced the scholarship where they will receive coaching at intervals in both snooker and billiards along with table time at Sharkx to help them improve their levels and we look forward to seeing their progress over the next year and wish them well on the Scholarship