As the 2023-2024 season nears completion on March 23rd, players are reminded that with only two events remaining for this season, it’s important to get your entries in once you are notified of the remaining events.  Saturday 17th February 2024 will be our Kildare Open in Celbridge and Saturday 23rd March 2024 will be our Griffith Cup in Sharkx Newbridge

The Intermediate events on these days will determine the final ranking standings and as you know only the top 16 qualify for the Championship on April 6th in Newbridge

Here below is the current provisional rankings showing the top 64.

We wish everyone the very best of luck

RK Name Club/School Tot
1st Tina Keogh Offaly 7200
2nd Stephanie Foley Carlow 6600
3rd Valerie Maloney Laois 5600
4th Jacqueline Trulock Dublin 4600
5th  Joanna Ward Kildare 4100
6th  Jennifer Earle Dublin 3700
7th Grushenka Arnold Dublin 3400
8th Louise Maher Kilkenny 3200
9th Christine Carr Kildare 2800
10th Delia Keane Dublin 2700
11th Megan Randle Wicklow 2500
12th Savannah Keane Dublin 2300
13th Emirjeta Doda  Dublin 2000
14th Elizabeth Lynch Offaly 2000
15th Jessica Beatty Kildare 2000
16th Emma Daly Kildare 2000
17th Kirsty Curtis Kildare 2000
18th Fiona Carr Kildare 2000
19th Caitlin Williams Kildare 2000
20th Veronica Hallahan Dublin 1600
21st Carrie Randle Wicklow 1600
22nd Kerry Doran Kildare 1500
23rd Megan Nolan Kildare 1500
24th Kayla Hayes Walsh Kildare 1500
25th Danielle O’Brien Kildare 1500
26th Chloe Auzon Quinn Kildare 1500
27th Ava Foley Kildare 1500
28th Sky Smith Kildare 1500
29th Anastasiia Klimashevska Kildare 1500
30th Amy Murphy Kildare 1500
31st  Anna Curley Kildare 1500
32nd Ruoqi Chen Kildare 1500
33rd   Kacie Pearse Kehoe Kildare 1000
34th Cailin O’Donovan Kildare 1000
35th Lauren Carr Kildare 1000
36th Eireann Alcantara Kildare 1000
37th Katie Kiernan Louth 1000
38th Suzanne Randle Limerick 1000
39th Michelle Morris Donegal 1000
40th Nafeesa Naz Dublin 1000
41st Laura Hughes Limerick 1000
42nd Celine Chelariu Kildare 1000
43rd Aoife Williams Kildare 1000
44th Lucy Corcoran Kildare 1000
45th Catherine Moshkov Kildare 1000
46th Sophie Lawlor Kildare 1000
47th Abbie Thompson Kildare 1000
48th Chloe Carey Kildare 1000
49th Alex Murane Kildare 1000
50th Abbie Fay Kildare 1000
51st Orla Daffy Kildare 1000
52nd Rachel Keogh Kildare 1000
53rd Aoibhe Newman Kildare 1000
54th Kayla Hayes Walsh Kildare 1000
55th Aoimheann Kearney Kildare 1000
56th Orla Duffy Kildare 1000
57th Roisin Beale Kildare 1000
58th Ailish Murphy Kildare 1000
59th Katelyn O’Reilly Kildare 1000
60th Donna Dunne Dublin 1000
61st Natasha Walker Carlow 1000
62nd Ava McCormack Kildare 1000
63rd Julianna Allen Kildare 1000
64th Carmen Anton Galiano Kildare 1000