With the Junior Snooker League just finished, we embark on yet another Junior League in Billiards but prior to the League our National Billiards Coach Aidan Murray was on hand to deliver some coaching to the 10 young girls prior to the League commencing

The interest among these young ladies in Billiards is great indeed and holds well for the future of Female Billiards here in Ireland

Our current Schools and College Initiative will help develop and foster Female Billiards and secure its future going forward.  All these cue sports leagues and coaching is bearing fruit with interest growing as we journey along this path.  Our current field of 20 Female Coaches will play a vital part in its growth and help retain young girls in sport for longer

We wish all the girls a very successful League and most of all that they enjoy the experience.  Thanks to Aidan for all his encouragement and thanks to Dearbhail Dowling of the Holy Family School Newbridge for her support towards these very important initiatives

Full reports on these leagues will be published on this website in the coming weeks