The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association held a seminar on psychology at their National Cue Sports Academy Sharkx Newbridge recently.

The seminar was presented by Siobhan Downey who has joined the organisation to help our members deal with anxiety, confidence in sport, all the time looking at healthy coping strategies in order to keep focused and stay in a positive zone.

Siobhan gave a brief introduction and asked a number of questions on how those in attendance feel before, during and after competition and what outside influences they felt effected them both in a positive and negative ways and how to deal with the negative side.

Mindfulness exercises such as the five senses, Meditation and healthy eating were all discussed in detail over the 3 hour seminar.

Tina said “she found it very beneficial and will put the advice to focus on the game and not let outside distractions into both practice and competition in the future”

Valerie was delighted with the seminar and will highly recommend Siobhan who is very easy to talk to and gave much needed advice and help going forward.  Siobhan gave useful tips on how to deal with anxiety issues during events.

Annette said” that Siobhan is very easy to listen to and she in turn listens to your concerns and gave great advice on coping with distractions”

Everyone in attendance were absolutely delighted with the seminar that was presented in a professional manner.  A big thank you to Siobhan for the seminar, we all learned something from it, and going forward it will help those who attended deal with distractions and ease anxiety.

It’s not an easy fix but it’s a start and we look forward to holding more seminars on psychology during the season.