The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association’s President Annette Newman presented Paul Traynor the owner of Sharkx Newbridge with a certificate of appreciation for hosting the women’s World Billiards Championship over the weekend of 20th & 21st August 2022.

Annette thanked Paul and Bernie of Sharkx for their support and providing excellent facilities for the recent Women’s World Billiards Championship.

Sharkx Newbridge is the home of female billiards since its establishment in 2015 and we at RILSA are absolutely delighted to be part of the club.  Both Paul and Bernie have been so supportive of female cue sports along with providing the facilities for our many events over the past 10 years, is certainly appreciated by all of our members.

While Sharkx promotes events in Snooker and Pool, Billiards is relatively new to the club and they welcomed the sport and since 2015, we held two Women’s World Billiard Ranking events in 2021 with the Irish Open and Irish Masters and now the World Championship for the first time since 1931

The Women’s World Championship was hailed a great success, both RILSA and the World Billiards Limited are keen to see the sport grow among females on a Global scale in the future.

Thanks Paul and Bernie for everything you do to help us grow cue sports for females and its fitting we have our National Academy at the club